Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Little Dirty Secret By Elois Thames (Unedited)

Terri looked at the sleeping baby. Played with her hair and fingers. She couldn’t

believe how beautiful she was. Even though she was a product of rape, she felt something

strange. She couldn’t put her finger on it. She felt weird. As she was holding the baby,

 Mitchell came into the room.

            “Hey you, how are you?” Mitchell asked giving her a kiss and hug.

            “I’m good and you?” Terri asked looking up to him.

            “I’m better since I see you now. I see you’re holding the baby?”

            “Yes. I have a question for you.”

            “What is it?”

            “Would it be wrong if I decide to keep the baby?”

            “No, it wouldn’t be wrong. Why, you’re changing your mind?”

            “I don’t know. Joslin and Curtis came by today. And they said something that got

me thinking. After I prayed about it, God wants me to wait. But that’s not what got me

thinking though, it’s what they said, wolves in sheep clothing. They told me not to rush

 into anything. Don’t jump at the first family that says I want to adopt a child.”

            “That’s some good advice.”

            “I know she’s my father’s child, but I also don’t want to see abused either. So,

I’m having my mother do a background check on them. And plus, I haven’t received any

papers yet.” Terri told him.

            “Wait baby, do what God told you to do. Have you thought of a name for her


            “Joslin Curtera Robinson.”

            “That’s a pretty name. I like that. I’ll be here for you no matter what you decide to

do. Okay?”

            “I know baby.” Terri said looking at him as Mr. and Mrs. Johansson came into the


            Mrs. Johansson looked surprised to see Terri holding the baby. She got real


            “Terri, what are you doing?” Mrs. Johansson asked coming over to the bed trying

to take the baby out of her arms.

            “Excuse you, you can’t just come in here and try to take her out my arms. What’s

wrong with you?” Terri told her holding the baby next to her.

            “You know you’re not supposed to hold her because you’re giving her up for


            “You haven’t presented me with no type of paperwork and furthermore, I’m

going to wait. Now can you please leave?”

            “You can’t back out now. We already paid our….” Mr. Johansson said, but

 stopping in mid-sentence.

            Mitchell stepping in between him and Terri, “I think you better leave now,

because you are some crooks. Yall just want the baby to sell her to somebody else.”

Mitchell said, glaring at her.

            “You got that right Mitchell. Isn’t that correct Joseph Day and Naomi Dean. They

 are wanted in five states for posing as a married couple and exclaiming they can’t have

children. So they fake a contract from a made up lawyer and then they take the child and

 sell them to rich families.” Katherine said coming through the front door with three

 police officers with her. “Get away from my daughter and granddaughter.”

            “How did you find out?” Naomi asked. Looking over at Katherine.

            “Oh, I did a background check on you. You see, I’m a lawyer. That’s where you

fail to ask. I did some digging and look what I turned up. Officers take them.” Katherine

 said standing in front of her daughter.

            So the police read them their rights and led them out of the room. Katherine gave

 a sigh of relief. She turned and looked at her daughter who was still playing with the


            “How are you holding up sweetie?” Katherine asked.

            “I’m happy. I’m glad I listened to Joslin and Curtis. After I prayed, God told me

to wait and that’s what I did. And he showed their true agenda. Mama, I’ve decided to

keep her.”

            “I’m glad you decided that.”

            “You do?” Terri asked confused.

            “Because I much rather for her to be raised by someone who is blood than by

some stranger. You know?”

            “Yes I know, but won’t it remind you of what daddy did to me?”

            “No. I’m going to love her like she’s my own. She’s innocent in all of this. So

what did you name my grandbaby?” Katherine asked holding out her arms for her.

            “Joslin Curtera Robinson.”

            “That’s a beautiful name. I like that.” Katherine told her.

            In the hall, Curtis and Joslin smiled glad that their work is done. Now they know

Terri is on the right track. As they walked down the hallway towards the elevator, they

vanished. No one would believe that they were actually angels sent by God to guide Terri

into making the right decision.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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