Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting to know this man of God Marcellus C. Miller

When he first started writing, Mrs. Butzu was his first mentor. As his family encouraged him to follow his dreams, he felt his way through, learning and researching the area he wanted to write in. Among his teacher and family, he also learned from his brother-in-law and author, Emmanuel Johnson, Sr. and his very own Pastor, Pastor/Author Dr. Lonnie W. Brown.

 Langston Hughes and Robert Frost was one of his favorite authors as he grew up. When getting his mojo going, there's nothing like a late inspiration that won't allow you to sleep until you put your thoughts down on paper.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marcellus's advice to upcoming authors

Marcellus's advice to upcoming authors is that anyone can put out a CD, but how many people can say they have published a book? Chase your dream not the competition. Research and he repeats research an area where there is a hole in the market for your work. There are tons of choices out there, but give the people a reason to read yours.

In the near future, Marcellus would be moving away from poetry books, but will continue to write poetry. At the moment he is currently working on two other books. The first one is called "The truth about Recruiting" which entails all about the realities of trying to play college athletics and the true story of what recruiters mean based on what they say. The second book is titled "Coaching Multiple Personalities" which entails about being able to create teams from vastly different personalities in both business and sports.

Let's see what he has coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting to know who Marcellus Miller is...

When asked about writer's block, he says it could happen, but for him, he believes that he have to be in tune with inspiration in any form, anywhere, and at any time. When he's happy, in tears, angry, any other emotions, rather he's at home, church, class, and even at work, he writes what's in his heart. As for him, he doesn't have a personal block. His creative juices keeps flowing no matter where's he's at.

What made Marcellus chose self-publishing? Well, he went the way of Vanity Publishing. The price point allowed him to Print on Demand versus the volume number of books. The editing process was extensive and they put out good products. Most importantly, all his files are copyrighted with his name on it and they're exclusively his. They can't do anything without his permission. This part he loves because it gives him complete control. This was very important to him.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting to know Marcellus CalledandChosen Miller

Who is Marcellus CalledandChosen Miller? You may asked. Born and raised in Flint, MI. Marcellus Charles Miller was brought into this world. As he was grew older, he begin to write at a young age. While he was in middle school, his teacher, Ms. Mary Lou Roth placed in the position of columnist and editor of their school newspaper The Longfellow Challenger.

It was his sophomore year in high school where he begin to write poetry. His teacher, Mrs. Ava Butzu challenged him and his classmates to participate in "Poet-Tee" project. This is where he first wrote his first two poems that is included in his book. This is where his love of poetry comes from. Stay tuned to see what is on Marcellus' mind.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's Patrice's advice for upcoming authors?

Patrice gives her advice for upcoming authors is that if your passion is truly writing, then you write with you heart! Don't worry about what people say or think about your writings, because you're always going to have critics and haters out there who won't always have positive things to say. Just stick to your goals and dreams of becoming an author and making your dreams come true. She advise if you're planning to publish or write a book, DO IT! You don't have nothing to lose. Don't worry about what people say if writing a book is what you have your heart set on, then in her slang talk, she says, "Do the damn thang!" God blessed us with a gift so use your gift to it's full advantage. Never look back or regret doing what you love doing the most! Be a dream-chaser!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is Patrice take on Writer's Block?

When asked does she believe in writer's block? She says she most definitely do. She can't even count the numerous of times that she had writer's block. Last year she remembered that she took a break from writing poetry for three whole months. She had lost interest in writing at that particular time. In order for her to to write something good, she has to be in the mood and focused. She can't force herself to write a poem because she knows it won't be good. She believes that every writer goes through writer's block every now and then.

Hopefully one day she will publish her own work one day. But for right now she's publishing the old fashion way. She's going the traditional publishing by choosing a publisher.

Come by tomorrow to see what advice she has for upcoming authors!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Who is Patrice Nicole Rivers?

Patrice Nicole Rivers was born in Sumter, South Carolina, but was raised in Suffolk, Virginia. At the tender age of nine is when she took to writing. Her first stories were short fiction stories that  came from her vivid, creative mind that made her create characters for her stories be like regular  people. If she wasn't writing her stories in a notebook, she would create her own little book and decorate the title. She truly wish she had saved all of her short stories from when she was younger so that she could actually read what she created years ago. She could published some of them as well, but she can always come up with new creative ideas for stories from scratched.

When she turned 15 while in high school, she turned to writing poetry. Her passion for writing poems became addictive when she was in college. Since then, she mostly been publishing and writing her poetry. Soon she will be going back to writing her short fiction stories to build up her creativity. Writing will always be her first love until the day she die. Her major accomplishment was publishing her two books that she's very proud of. She will continue to write other books as well to entertain the readers. Since she won't be publishing anymore poetry books for awhile, she can now focus on short stories and novels. She admits she's a little nervous about because she want people to like them and purchase them.

Come by tomorrow to see what's her take on Writer's block!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

On Darrell's Characters

When Darrell create his characters, it depends on the story he's writing. He want his characters to be as real as possible and take his readers on a journey along with his characters where they can feel like they're living and experiencing the emotional up and downs. Each of his characters has a story to tell and it's important that the  characters tells his or her story and what made them the way they are. As he creates his characters, he has a certain image in his mind, but once the story evolves, the character may or may not change.  Each character is unique in his or her own way. Darrell always create his characters to be opinionated where they speak their minds. A writer is controversial and very opinionated. So you should always like every character, but should be emotionally attached to them. A good writer isn't afraid to touch on subjects others shy away from or scared to address. There's so many issues going on in our homes and out communities that we cover up or keep quiet about. Until we bring these issues to the light, things will never change. His characters are intended to do just that as well as show others that it's nothing to be ashamed of. Although these characters are controversial, they are real and their stories are dying to be told. So he would like to challenge all authors dare to be different. Write a story that will make a difference and possibly change someone's life. Too many times we follow the standard or we take the easy way out and write the same drug dealing, gangsta, or bad b*t*h book.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Get to know Darrell Freeman, Jr.

When Darrell wanted to quit, his mentor Laurie Sanders of Black Seductions encouraged him to stick to his writing. She took time out of her busy schedule to talk to him. After being rejected over and over from publishers and agents, he got upset and decided to call one of the people who rejected him to find out why they rejected him. When him and Laurie Sanders talked, she gave him some great advice and encouraged him to keep pursuing his dreams. She also told him that no one can stop him from achieving his dreams but him.

When he was growing up, his favorite author was Dr. Seuss. He was amazed at all the different books he written for children. His favorite places to write to get his mojo going is his kitchen and bedroom. He keeps a tablet with at all times because he always inspired or coming up with ideas for books and poems. No matter where he's at, if the atmosphere is  calmed and relaxed, it's easy for him to write and create amazing stories. Darrell take his writing very seriously because he have a voice an a platform to reach so many people. It's his desire to inspire everyone that no matter who you are or where you're from, you can achieve anything. Most of the times, his books are deep, educational, but entertaining and full of drama, but the message is direct. He writes for his own company. It's small and local, but it's keeping the da hood blazin with drama, knowledge and real life experiences. Welcome to Freeman's World Publishing.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Darrell's future projects

Predators on the down low
The sour look of rage was in his eyes. Her plea to be free fell on deaf ears. He would put her through hell before she would be free. This book takes you on a journey of the unknown. Where you realize no one can be trusted and looks are indeed deceiving. Sometimes the biggest threat is in plain sight. Explore the forbidden world of a predator where the victim takes you to the very spot where it all began, and where it all fell apart. This series of stories will show you the different faces of a predator. Relive all the pain as these victims fight for their survival and search for hope. Discover what goes on in the mind of a predator as they stalk, capture and torture there victims.
Officer Brian O’Dell swore to protect his community but forgot what was important to him. He became a bigger criminal than the thugs he arrested, forcing kids to steal, kill and sell drugs. When a local salon owner decided to take him down he found himself incarcerated. In prison he had an epiphany and changed his life. Once released, he devoted himself to rebuilding the community he once destroyed.
Principle Banks, a two-time principle of the year was tortured and abused as a child. As the memories of his past began to rear its ugly head he began to abuse his students. His mother knew that something was wrong with her son, but had no idea until, during a live interview broadcast on TV, the dead body of one of his student’s falls out of his closet. Before justice is served, Principle Banks hangs himself in his cell.
A couple seduces young girls, befriending them on the internet, only to take pornographic pictures and use those photos to blackmail them. When a fifteen year old girl decides to chat online she doesn’t realize the danger she’s inviting into her life. Before it’s all over her world is turned upside down and her life as well as her mother and sisters life is in danger.
  Betraying my father     
A once happy home has been shattered by a nasty divorce involving allegations of affairs & abuse. Causing Angela to choose between her mother & father. Emotionally confused & manipulated Angela sides with her mother breaking her father’s heart. As well as destroying their father & daughter bond. Despite her heart’s conviction she cuts off all ties between her & her father. Angela & her mother begins to rebuild back their bond. Just as things were getting back to normal. Angela’s whole world was shattered once again. Everything she thought she knew about her parent’s situation, was a lie. Embarrassed & humiliated Angela knows she needs to make better decisions. Now she’s questioning where her heart lies? As well as seeking her father’s forgiveness. Can she convince the man she once condemned for destroying their family .That she’s truly sorry or is it too late for a second chance .Will her tell it like it is father forgive her or will he teach her the true meaning of life. Everyone doesn’t get a second chance & there are consequences for your actions. Especially when you betray your father.

   What was once mine?
Kathleen realizes Author is not the man for her and ends their relationship. But Author is determined to get Kathleen back at all cost. But after Kathleen gets married, Author starts a family of his own. They vow to remain friends despite their past relationship. Author soon learns his family was killed in a tragic car accident. Kathleen vows to stand by Author’s side and help him get thru this painful tragedy. Author takes her sympathy as a sign, that she still loves him. Author realizes he needs to eliminate her husband to reunite with his queen. Soon Author begins to stalk Kathleen in hopes that the stalker will force her to run into his arms. Kathleen begins to get disturbing calls, gifts & messages. Terrified of this stalker, Kathleen demands her husband works closer to home. He does just that and ends up being killed under suspicious circumstances. Author uses Kathleen’s fears to re-emerge as the protector & provider in her life. As Author moves in, Kathleen realizes he has a hidden agenda & she’s in a life or death situation. She’s fighting for her freedom. As Author is determined to keep what he feels was once and is always his. But before they can have a future together, Author must punish her for her past. When she walked out on their relationship.

Poetry runs thru my veins {over 172 poems here is a sample}

Prejudice amongst our own race
Terrorist attacks & hate crimes are at an all- time high,
Yet we’re still prejudice amongst our own race.
We refuse to acknowledge the success & hard work someone else has achieved.
Instead we degrade them & secretly await the day they fall.
But got the nerve to claim we aren’t prejudice, when we despise our own race.
Just a slap in our ancestor’s face, who fought so hard for our freedom & equal rights.

We rally & protest for justice to prevail, but we can’t come together,
To make our community better. The real sins are the crimes we commit against our own race.
We scream recycle the black dollar but we don’t support black businesses.
Either we think there too proper, too ghetto, too country or just too boozjeah
Some black businesses are never on time, always late or never open.
Prices are too high or the service is just too slow.
Whatever it maybe, we don’t support our own race, just a slap in our ancestors face.
Prejudice amongst our own race.

We stab each other in the back but scream black pride.
Justice maybe blind but racism is not.
We judge each other by the color of their skin, either their too light, too black or too bright.
With all the problems facing our race it’s sad that we still can’t come together.
But we always claim the white man is keeping us down, when we can’t hold each other up.
Just a slap in our ancestors face, Prejudice amongst our own race.

We don’t want to see the next man make it, instead our heart is full of envy & greed.
We plant that hatred seed. Some of us finally get a lil fame & a lil money,
Move out hood & forget where they came from.
Refuse to give back to the hood & empower growth & community development.
Until we respect & support each other we will never be free.
Other races won’t respect us if we can’t respect ourselves.
Instead of striving for success we sit home & make mess.
We cutthroat, we’re the smoking gun that’s gonna demolish our own race.
Morals & values it’s time we get some.
Stop blaming the other race because racism is staring us in the face.
Black on black destruction but we claim it’s the clan & these different races.
We can’t even smile in each other’s face, prejudice amongst our own race.
Our ancestors would be disappointed in us all, they fought for us to come together & stand tall
They fought to better our community, they fought for change, unity.
It’s a shame what our race has become, just a slap to our ancestors face.
Prejudice amongst our own race.     {I have so much more to come}   

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Darrell's Advice to Upcoming Authors

To be in this game, you have to have tough skin. There will be so many people secretly praying and hoping you fail. But as long as you trust in God and believe in yourself, anything is possible. Believe in yourself when no one else does. Write from your heart and never lose sight if what you're trying to accomplish. Always remember it's not about the money because you may or may not get rich. It's about following your dreams and making a difference. Being able to inspire others and bring joy to someone who is on the verge of giving up. There's no greater joy than accomplishing something you set out to do. The money and fame is a bonus, but it's not guaranteed. Remember in this business, it's risky and cutthroat. Before you do anything, learn the business and control your own destiny. Never take anyone's word, do your homework and know what you are getting into before your begin to self-publish.

Come tomorrow to see what's in his near future!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Darrell's take on Self Publishing

What got Darrell to self-publish his own books instead of going to the traditional way? It's the idea of being in control, being able to publish, market, advertise, and promote as much as you want and knowing that his future is in his hands and nobody else's and not depending on others. Going the self-publishing way gives you the opportunity to do numerous projects without waiting on approval from major publishing companies. Darrell states that no one knows your work like you do, so it's only right to handle all aspects of your work. When you self-publish, it's a lot more work because you are required to do more marketing, advertising and promoting, but it also allows you to think outside of the box and be truly creative. There are so many opportunities you're able to explore as an independent author. Even though you're frowned upon because you're self-publishing, but major labels are starting to take notice of the things we're doing in the self-publishing business. Self-publishing also gives you an opportunity to brand yourself and your business rather than help someone else become a household name.

Come again tomorrow to see what advice he will give to upcoming authors!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting to know the mind of Darrell Freeman, Jr.

When it comes to writer's block, Darrell states that sometimes you just be tapped out and your creative juices just aren't flowing right. Always remember that you are a writer, so your job is to write. How often do you supposed to write? You're supposed to write everyday rather you have something to talk about or not. Just write. When you keep writing, you develop a pattern that will ultimately allow you to move past the writer's block stage. In his opinion, writer's block comes being stressed and over worked. To overcome this, take a shower or watch a movie to relax. You can exercise, or do something other than stopping writing. You can also reread your story to help you refresh your memory and keep your story flowing smoothly. come by tomorrow to see what got Darrell to self-publish his own books. You will  be impressed!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Who is Darrell Freeman Jr.

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but was raised in Crowley Louisiana, Darrell Ronnell Freeman Jr. aka Peewee took to writing at the age of nine. He loved putting poems and stories together. He didn't get serious about his writing til he was eighteen years old. He always wanted to do something new, so he took to writing for himself. People who loved his work after he read it to him told him to pursue a career in writing. Even though his friends pushed him, but his mother pushed him even harder. She told him, "He has a chance to do what others only dream about and that's makes  difference." He took her advice and followed his dreams. Follow me as we get to know the man behind Darrell Freeman Jr.

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