Sunday, April 27, 2014

On Darrell's Characters

When Darrell create his characters, it depends on the story he's writing. He want his characters to be as real as possible and take his readers on a journey along with his characters where they can feel like they're living and experiencing the emotional up and downs. Each of his characters has a story to tell and it's important that the  characters tells his or her story and what made them the way they are. As he creates his characters, he has a certain image in his mind, but once the story evolves, the character may or may not change.  Each character is unique in his or her own way. Darrell always create his characters to be opinionated where they speak their minds. A writer is controversial and very opinionated. So you should always like every character, but should be emotionally attached to them. A good writer isn't afraid to touch on subjects others shy away from or scared to address. There's so many issues going on in our homes and out communities that we cover up or keep quiet about. Until we bring these issues to the light, things will never change. His characters are intended to do just that as well as show others that it's nothing to be ashamed of. Although these characters are controversial, they are real and their stories are dying to be told. So he would like to challenge all authors dare to be different. Write a story that will make a difference and possibly change someone's life. Too many times we follow the standard or we take the easy way out and write the same drug dealing, gangsta, or bad b*t*h book.

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