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Predators on the down low
The sour look of rage was in his eyes. Her plea to be free fell on deaf ears. He would put her through hell before she would be free. This book takes you on a journey of the unknown. Where you realize no one can be trusted and looks are indeed deceiving. Sometimes the biggest threat is in plain sight. Explore the forbidden world of a predator where the victim takes you to the very spot where it all began, and where it all fell apart. This series of stories will show you the different faces of a predator. Relive all the pain as these victims fight for their survival and search for hope. Discover what goes on in the mind of a predator as they stalk, capture and torture there victims.
Officer Brian O’Dell swore to protect his community but forgot what was important to him. He became a bigger criminal than the thugs he arrested, forcing kids to steal, kill and sell drugs. When a local salon owner decided to take him down he found himself incarcerated. In prison he had an epiphany and changed his life. Once released, he devoted himself to rebuilding the community he once destroyed.
Principle Banks, a two-time principle of the year was tortured and abused as a child. As the memories of his past began to rear its ugly head he began to abuse his students. His mother knew that something was wrong with her son, but had no idea until, during a live interview broadcast on TV, the dead body of one of his student’s falls out of his closet. Before justice is served, Principle Banks hangs himself in his cell.
A couple seduces young girls, befriending them on the internet, only to take pornographic pictures and use those photos to blackmail them. When a fifteen year old girl decides to chat online she doesn’t realize the danger she’s inviting into her life. Before it’s all over her world is turned upside down and her life as well as her mother and sisters life is in danger.
  Betraying my father     
A once happy home has been shattered by a nasty divorce involving allegations of affairs & abuse. Causing Angela to choose between her mother & father. Emotionally confused & manipulated Angela sides with her mother breaking her father’s heart. As well as destroying their father & daughter bond. Despite her heart’s conviction she cuts off all ties between her & her father. Angela & her mother begins to rebuild back their bond. Just as things were getting back to normal. Angela’s whole world was shattered once again. Everything she thought she knew about her parent’s situation, was a lie. Embarrassed & humiliated Angela knows she needs to make better decisions. Now she’s questioning where her heart lies? As well as seeking her father’s forgiveness. Can she convince the man she once condemned for destroying their family .That she’s truly sorry or is it too late for a second chance .Will her tell it like it is father forgive her or will he teach her the true meaning of life. Everyone doesn’t get a second chance & there are consequences for your actions. Especially when you betray your father.

   What was once mine?
Kathleen realizes Author is not the man for her and ends their relationship. But Author is determined to get Kathleen back at all cost. But after Kathleen gets married, Author starts a family of his own. They vow to remain friends despite their past relationship. Author soon learns his family was killed in a tragic car accident. Kathleen vows to stand by Author’s side and help him get thru this painful tragedy. Author takes her sympathy as a sign, that she still loves him. Author realizes he needs to eliminate her husband to reunite with his queen. Soon Author begins to stalk Kathleen in hopes that the stalker will force her to run into his arms. Kathleen begins to get disturbing calls, gifts & messages. Terrified of this stalker, Kathleen demands her husband works closer to home. He does just that and ends up being killed under suspicious circumstances. Author uses Kathleen’s fears to re-emerge as the protector & provider in her life. As Author moves in, Kathleen realizes he has a hidden agenda & she’s in a life or death situation. She’s fighting for her freedom. As Author is determined to keep what he feels was once and is always his. But before they can have a future together, Author must punish her for her past. When she walked out on their relationship.

Poetry runs thru my veins {over 172 poems here is a sample}

Prejudice amongst our own race
Terrorist attacks & hate crimes are at an all- time high,
Yet we’re still prejudice amongst our own race.
We refuse to acknowledge the success & hard work someone else has achieved.
Instead we degrade them & secretly await the day they fall.
But got the nerve to claim we aren’t prejudice, when we despise our own race.
Just a slap in our ancestor’s face, who fought so hard for our freedom & equal rights.

We rally & protest for justice to prevail, but we can’t come together,
To make our community better. The real sins are the crimes we commit against our own race.
We scream recycle the black dollar but we don’t support black businesses.
Either we think there too proper, too ghetto, too country or just too boozjeah
Some black businesses are never on time, always late or never open.
Prices are too high or the service is just too slow.
Whatever it maybe, we don’t support our own race, just a slap in our ancestors face.
Prejudice amongst our own race.

We stab each other in the back but scream black pride.
Justice maybe blind but racism is not.
We judge each other by the color of their skin, either their too light, too black or too bright.
With all the problems facing our race it’s sad that we still can’t come together.
But we always claim the white man is keeping us down, when we can’t hold each other up.
Just a slap in our ancestors face, Prejudice amongst our own race.

We don’t want to see the next man make it, instead our heart is full of envy & greed.
We plant that hatred seed. Some of us finally get a lil fame & a lil money,
Move out hood & forget where they came from.
Refuse to give back to the hood & empower growth & community development.
Until we respect & support each other we will never be free.
Other races won’t respect us if we can’t respect ourselves.
Instead of striving for success we sit home & make mess.
We cutthroat, we’re the smoking gun that’s gonna demolish our own race.
Morals & values it’s time we get some.
Stop blaming the other race because racism is staring us in the face.
Black on black destruction but we claim it’s the clan & these different races.
We can’t even smile in each other’s face, prejudice amongst our own race.
Our ancestors would be disappointed in us all, they fought for us to come together & stand tall
They fought to better our community, they fought for change, unity.
It’s a shame what our race has become, just a slap to our ancestors face.
Prejudice amongst our own race.     {I have so much more to come}   

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