Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Darrell's take on Self Publishing

What got Darrell to self-publish his own books instead of going to the traditional way? It's the idea of being in control, being able to publish, market, advertise, and promote as much as you want and knowing that his future is in his hands and nobody else's and not depending on others. Going the self-publishing way gives you the opportunity to do numerous projects without waiting on approval from major publishing companies. Darrell states that no one knows your work like you do, so it's only right to handle all aspects of your work. When you self-publish, it's a lot more work because you are required to do more marketing, advertising and promoting, but it also allows you to think outside of the box and be truly creative. There are so many opportunities you're able to explore as an independent author. Even though you're frowned upon because you're self-publishing, but major labels are starting to take notice of the things we're doing in the self-publishing business. Self-publishing also gives you an opportunity to brand yourself and your business rather than help someone else become a household name.

Come again tomorrow to see what advice he will give to upcoming authors!

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