Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who is Ornitha Danielle?

Who is this phenomenal woman Ornitha Danielle? There is so much to this woman of many talents; she's a former columnist for the Memphis Beauty Examiner, and the Style Editor for Diva by Design Online Magazine and the Creative Director for Shoots on Sunday. She reviews books and music for So Fyh Entertainment & Management & Diamond Star Entertainment.

Ornitha Danielle was a volunteer Event Coordinator for The Forgotten Souls Festival for two years and the 15th event coordinator for the Annual Stone Awards as well and Public Relations/Media Specialist in Memphis, TN.

She also is a part of a non-profit organization "Saving Lives Through Lit" where she was a contributing writer for the book "Voices Behind The Tears" and the Internet Specialist. She's a contributing editor for "Beautiful for "Beautiful" by Kieixiza Rodriquez.

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By: Ornitha Danielle
Ornitha Danielle invites you on a wild and fierce excursion of
lies, betrayal, deception, infidelity along with some misguided
trust, past and deep childhood hurt and broken relationships
all wrapped up in some very steamy volcanic explosions.
London Santiago is not your stereotypical woman; she comes
from a Christian family home with devoted parents of the faith.
She has the best of everything in her world, a great education,
money, all the finer things that her career has offered her, all
she needs now is to be happy in love and will basically do
almost anything to acquire it.
While in college she landed an internship at Golden Money
Entertainment one of the largest Entertainment companies in
New York City, New York. She was offered the job of
Executive Director of Marketing & Promotions straight out of
Now with her killer looks, dynamite body and brains to boot;
she quickly catches the attention of Mr. Paul Winters the
owner of the company. The not so Eligible Bachelor. When the
Mrs., finds out about it, only one can imagine what will happen
next, but she is adamant on bringing this to a complete halt!
The Mrs., she too has a few things that must remain hidden
and secure under lock and key!
Oh, what a tangled web they all weave, when each of them
conspire to deceive. What is done in the dark will eventually
come to the light. My, My, the wages of sin is Death!!

 For more information on Ornitha Danielle please contact her
Publicist / Manager Traci Redmond at 901-569-6515 or her
email her at or

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting to know Ornitha Danielle's Mind!

Ornitha Danielle is very much the total package, the beauty and brains behind these companies that are growing beyond leaps and bounds. She's the CEO of So Fyh Enterprise and So Fyh Entertainment & Management and the CEO and Creative Director as well as the face of Lee Stylez of So Fyh Photography. She's also the CEO'S & Founders of So Fyh Magazine Online and So Fyh Diva Publishing as well as So Fyh Book Reviews "The Professional Book Reviewer" and The Social Media Diva of So Fyh Lavender Essence. She's also the  Blogger of My Diva Thoughts now, she's the founder/visionary of Diamonds are Forever Ministries a non-profit organization that helps women and young ladies that have been victims of sexual abuse. With two other non-profits in the making, one for the homeless and the others that are looking to lose weight in a very healthy and spiritual manner. What else can this lady do? Find out tomorrow!
To get in contact with her: 
For more information on Ornitha Danielle please contact her
Publicist / Manager Traci Redmond at 901-569-6515 or her
email her at or

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Who is Ornitha Danielle!

After Ornitha Danielle graduating from Southwest Tennessee Community College with a diploma in Emergency Medical Technician, she knew there were something that she loved more than anything and that was the love of books. As a child her parents read to her all the time, which she carried into her adulthood. She's now pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in all aspects of Journalism at The University of Memphis, where she plans to obtain it with all honors.

By doing this, she penned her first novel titled "A Heart of Reign" which was released on July 29, 2012. As this up coming sensational personality in the national and entertainment and literary world. Ornitha Danielle had become one of the most watched talented novelist women in the media world of these days. She is well on her way to be one of the nation's latest novelist in the Literary industry as the So Fyh Literary Diva which stands for (D= Divine, Inspired, Virtuous Vessel of the Lord, A= Ambassador.) What else can this Best Selling Author is capable of? Find out tomorrow, stay tuned!

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For more information on Ornitha Danielle please contact her
Publicist / Manager Traci Redmond at 901-569-6515 or her
email her at or

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet Novelist Ornitha Taylor

Who is that woman who wrote the novel A Heart of Reign? Well let me introduce you to none other than Danielle Taylor whose pen name is Ornitha Taylor. She is a native of Memphis, TN. She now resides in Sommerville, TN with her beautiful three children and husband Rodney "LeeStylez" Taylor who is a professional photographer. She moved to Sommerville so she can pursue her dreams of becoming a Christian Fiction Novelist and poet.
She graduated from University High School and from there she went to Hair of Design where she graduated also with honors. She's a 2007 Southwest Tennessee Community College Alumni. Her former career as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist allowed her to be unique, edgy, but very creative. She even became an educator in her field of expertise and taught in several beauty schools in the Memphis area. She later became the salon owner of "Perfection of Beauty", after working many years as a master stylist. She decided to return to school. What else is on this young lady's mind? Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet the Queen of Paranormal Finale!

What keeps T.P. Miller motivated is the new authors. She see some great new authors out here and it motivates her to get better. She see something and get excited and remember what it was like to put out a book.

For her next projects, she's working on a lot of projects this year that she hope she can put out. The main one is the sequel to Out For Blood, a romance novel, and a short story.

She want her readers to know that's she's silly, she loves to joke and laugh and play. She work hard to give her readers the best and she won't stop until the voices in her head tell her to put the pen down.

When she get stuck on writing, she go back and read what she done so far or pick up a book. Sometimes you just have to step away to see something that wasn't there. What get her juices flowing is music. Michael Jackson played a big part in getting out Out For Blood done. Music is constantly playing when she's writing.

Lot of things are under way in the near future. She's very excited about getting these new projects to the readers and letting them see what she can really do.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting to know The Queen of Paranormal!

 When it comes to the industry changing, T.P. Miller believes that E-Books have changed the way that people looks at books. She still love paperbacks, but now with Kindle, Nook, and other E-Readers, you can take your library with you. When completing her book, it takes her no more than a year to complete. When she have time, she can usually get done with the first round of edits in a couple of months, but if life gets in the way, it may take a little longer.

When she start a project, she like to make an outline of the possible events that she want to see happen and where it goes in a chapter. Lately, though, she's getting more into free writing and letting it flow more.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet the Queen of Paranormal Authoress T.P. Miller

T.P. Miller been writing for 15  years now. She doesn't own her own publishing company just yet. She would love to start her own where it would feature more paranormal writers along with other genres as well. Her advice to upcoming authors that she has gotten from other authors that's before her is to research, research, research! and then write. Find out what you are getting into and what you need to do and not what they want you to do. Don't hold no expense on editing and most importantly, don't stop writing. What else is going on? Find out tomorrow!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Queen of Paranormal Drama, T.P. Miller!

Who is the Queen of Paranormal Drama who put a different spin on Vampires? None other than our very own T.P. Miller a new comer to the literary game. She has been writing since could remember. She's been a long time reader and decided to pick up her pen as a hobby til she wanted more. So, she sat down and penned her first debut novel, "Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come". She's currently is working on more paranormal drama and romance. She currently lives in a hole somewhere in Birmingham with her husband and two children.

To get in contact with her, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter: @vampyrequeen14 or email her at

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Getting to know Teena Finale!

What keep Teena motivated in writing is her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and her wonderful family. Her next project is her next book titled Bridge of Worlds that deals with people of all walks of life. From different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. She want her readers to know that she has a heart that desires to help those who are in need.

When she get stuck on  writing, she'll take a break and  do something else. She believes taking a break from writing is essential. What keeps her juices flowing, she picks up a good motivational book, listen to inspiring messages on audio. Prayer always helps her the most. She also believes that brainstorming helps as well.

Be on the look out for Bridges of World! Her third book is in the making!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting to know Teena Adams!

Teena believes that the publishing industry has changed a lot. The conventional publishing is no longer the only choice. We can now publish our books in e-Book which is a lot cheaper and quicker. For her to complete her books, it takes her about 6 months to complete the entire manuscript.

This is the process for Teena to complete her book, she first brushes up on her English grammar because when she wrote her first book, she had to do a lot of revising and a lot of edit before it was ready to be published. The next step is she find what genre and niche she wants to write in and then she find her target audience. Once that is completed, she does her research. After the research, she begin to write her first draft. Once that's completed, she does her revising and proofreading. The next step is the editing. Once that's completed, she get her book cover done. Once everything is completed, she is ready for her book to be published. In the meantime, she is promoting while her book is being completed. Once the book is published, she starts advertising it and promoting her work. What else is up this talented woman's sleeve? Find out tomorrow!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting to know Teena Adams!

Teena has lived in Texas all her life. She always wanted to write as far as she could remember, but with having a large family, it had left her with a little time to write. After her children grew up, she realized she needed to start her writing career. She's been writing for a year now. When she started her company is when she started writing. She tells upcoming authors to keep their dreams! Stay focused and on target and do not stop until you met your goals! Know that you will encounter obstacles, but don't give up! Turn your dream into a reality!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Who is Teena Adams?

Who is Teena Adams? Some may ask. Teena Adams is the author of Grandparents Today. She's giving a look on the inside of being Grandparents today. Teena was born and raised in Texas. She's proud to be a Texan. She knows Texas is an awesome state. She's married to her best friend who supports and understands her in everything that she do. She has  five beautiful grown children that she had a joy in raising and she enjoyed every minute of it. She has 11 grandchildren and counting. She has 10 rowdy boys and one precious granddaughter. She is so thankful for getting to be a Grandmother. Her grandchildren are the love of her life.

 She's a Christian above everything. The Lord lights her path. She's been a Christian for 22 years. She's currently working on her upcoming book titled Bridge of Worlds. Her prayer for her books is to help others in their life journey.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who is Author Rahiem Brooks Finale!

Rahiem actually enjoy mystery, suspense, and thrillers so much that he enjoys spinning them himself. His next releases will be the next installment in the Bezel Brothers series, titled Last Laugh, the next installment in the Lavonne Lemmelle Mystery series called Murder in Love Park. In addition to his own projects, his company will be releasing two authors.

He want his readers to know that he's a hard worker and that he's working to get it right for them. When asked do he get stuck on writing, he says he don't get stuck on writing. He write outlines and they are a tremendous evil of writer's block. To get his juices flowing, writing is his job, so he knows what needs to be done. Nothing motivates him but paying his bills and living expenses.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting to know Author Rahiem Brooks continued!

For upcoming authors, Rahiem gives this advice, read two published novels from cover to cover before you start bombarding other people with questions before you done your research. When asked about the publishing industry changed, he said that he can't say that it has or hasn't. It's been the same since he been doing business in it, It takes him a month to two months to complete a book after he writes extensive outlines and then he writes the books.

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