Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting to know Ornitha Danielle's Mind!

Ornitha Danielle is very much the total package, the beauty and brains behind these companies that are growing beyond leaps and bounds. She's the CEO of So Fyh Enterprise and So Fyh Entertainment & Management and the CEO and Creative Director as well as the face of Lee Stylez of So Fyh Photography. She's also the CEO'S & Founders of So Fyh Magazine Online and So Fyh Diva Publishing as well as So Fyh Book Reviews "The Professional Book Reviewer" and The Social Media Diva of So Fyh Lavender Essence. She's also the  Blogger of My Diva Thoughts now, she's the founder/visionary of Diamonds are Forever Ministries a non-profit organization that helps women and young ladies that have been victims of sexual abuse. With two other non-profits in the making, one for the homeless and the others that are looking to lose weight in a very healthy and spiritual manner. What else can this lady do? Find out tomorrow!
To get in contact with her: 
For more information on Ornitha Danielle please contact her
Publicist / Manager Traci Redmond at 901-569-6515 or her
email her at or

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