Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting to know Teena Adams!

Teena believes that the publishing industry has changed a lot. The conventional publishing is no longer the only choice. We can now publish our books in e-Book which is a lot cheaper and quicker. For her to complete her books, it takes her about 6 months to complete the entire manuscript.

This is the process for Teena to complete her book, she first brushes up on her English grammar because when she wrote her first book, she had to do a lot of revising and a lot of edit before it was ready to be published. The next step is she find what genre and niche she wants to write in and then she find her target audience. Once that is completed, she does her research. After the research, she begin to write her first draft. Once that's completed, she does her revising and proofreading. The next step is the editing. Once that's completed, she get her book cover done. Once everything is completed, she is ready for her book to be published. In the meantime, she is promoting while her book is being completed. Once the book is published, she starts advertising it and promoting her work. What else is up this talented woman's sleeve? Find out tomorrow!

If you haven't gotten a copy of her book Grandparent's Today, please go to to do so and please leave a review when done!

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