Monday, March 11, 2013

The Queen of Paranormal Drama, T.P. Miller!

Who is the Queen of Paranormal Drama who put a different spin on Vampires? None other than our very own T.P. Miller a new comer to the literary game. She has been writing since could remember. She's been a long time reader and decided to pick up her pen as a hobby til she wanted more. So, she sat down and penned her first debut novel, "Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come". She's currently is working on more paranormal drama and romance. She currently lives in a hole somewhere in Birmingham with her husband and two children.

To get in contact with her, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter: @vampyrequeen14 or email her at

If you haven't gotten your copy of A Woman Scorned go to to do so! Please leave a review!

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