Monday, March 4, 2013

Who is Teena Adams?

Who is Teena Adams? Some may ask. Teena Adams is the author of Grandparents Today. She's giving a look on the inside of being Grandparents today. Teena was born and raised in Texas. She's proud to be a Texan. She knows Texas is an awesome state. She's married to her best friend who supports and understands her in everything that she do. She has  five beautiful grown children that she had a joy in raising and she enjoyed every minute of it. She has 11 grandchildren and counting. She has 10 rowdy boys and one precious granddaughter. She is so thankful for getting to be a Grandmother. Her grandchildren are the love of her life.

 She's a Christian above everything. The Lord lights her path. She's been a Christian for 22 years. She's currently working on her upcoming book titled Bridge of Worlds. Her prayer for her books is to help others in their life journey.

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