Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet the Queen of Paranormal Finale!

What keeps T.P. Miller motivated is the new authors. She see some great new authors out here and it motivates her to get better. She see something and get excited and remember what it was like to put out a book.

For her next projects, she's working on a lot of projects this year that she hope she can put out. The main one is the sequel to Out For Blood, a romance novel, and a short story.

She want her readers to know that's she's silly, she loves to joke and laugh and play. She work hard to give her readers the best and she won't stop until the voices in her head tell her to put the pen down.

When she get stuck on writing, she go back and read what she done so far or pick up a book. Sometimes you just have to step away to see something that wasn't there. What get her juices flowing is music. Michael Jackson played a big part in getting out Out For Blood done. Music is constantly playing when she's writing.

Lot of things are under way in the near future. She's very excited about getting these new projects to the readers and letting them see what she can really do.

If you haven't purchased your copy of A Woman Scorned, what are you waiting on? Go to Amazon.com and one-click now! When done reading please leave a review! Thank you for your support!

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