Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who is Author Rahiem Brooks Finale!

Rahiem actually enjoy mystery, suspense, and thrillers so much that he enjoys spinning them himself. His next releases will be the next installment in the Bezel Brothers series, titled Last Laugh, the next installment in the Lavonne Lemmelle Mystery series called Murder in Love Park. In addition to his own projects, his company will be releasing two authors.

He want his readers to know that he's a hard worker and that he's working to get it right for them. When asked do he get stuck on writing, he says he don't get stuck on writing. He write outlines and they are a tremendous evil of writer's block. To get his juices flowing, writing is his job, so he knows what needs to be done. Nothing motivates him but paying his bills and living expenses.

If you haven't purchase your copies of his titles, please go to to get yours and please leave a review when you're done! Thank you for the support!

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