Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marcellus's advice to upcoming authors

Marcellus's advice to upcoming authors is that anyone can put out a CD, but how many people can say they have published a book? Chase your dream not the competition. Research and he repeats research an area where there is a hole in the market for your work. There are tons of choices out there, but give the people a reason to read yours.

In the near future, Marcellus would be moving away from poetry books, but will continue to write poetry. At the moment he is currently working on two other books. The first one is called "The truth about Recruiting" which entails all about the realities of trying to play college athletics and the true story of what recruiters mean based on what they say. The second book is titled "Coaching Multiple Personalities" which entails about being able to create teams from vastly different personalities in both business and sports.

Let's see what he has coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Get your copy today to be encouraged in these days times!

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