Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting to know Marcellus CalledandChosen Miller

Who is Marcellus CalledandChosen Miller? You may asked. Born and raised in Flint, MI. Marcellus Charles Miller was brought into this world. As he was grew older, he begin to write at a young age. While he was in middle school, his teacher, Ms. Mary Lou Roth placed in the position of columnist and editor of their school newspaper The Longfellow Challenger.

It was his sophomore year in high school where he begin to write poetry. His teacher, Mrs. Ava Butzu challenged him and his classmates to participate in "Poet-Tee" project. This is where he first wrote his first two poems that is included in his book. This is where his love of poetry comes from. Stay tuned to see what is on Marcellus' mind.

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