Monday, September 7, 2015

Who is Rosalind M Young?

Today, we're getting to know a young lady by the name of Rosalind M. (Hollins) Young, but her pen name is RM Hollins. She's from the French Camp, CA which is Stockton, CA. She started writing at young age when she was having feelings of self-hatred. So, what she did was write all of her feelings down on paper. 2 years later, she self-published. After leaving a review for Jerrice Owens on Amazon, he messaged her on Facebook where he kept encouraging her to write a book. After a year gone by, Surviving Thug Passion was released after Jerrice gave her that extra push.  When it's writer's block, she states that life has a way in interrupting your creative process,

Her advice to upcoming authors is to be true to your craft and yourself. To put as much of yourself as possible  into your work. The readers can and will feel the message you're trying to present.

When asked what's coming in the near future, she honestly doesn't know, because she hasn't successfully in getting new readers to give her a work a chance. She has four stories that she's sitting on that she's afraid to put out, but she has great people behind her that gives her that extra push. Gotta step out on faith. And they are Jerrice Owens and Marie Norfleet.

Her favorite authors are Donald Goines, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and besides them, and good story is worth reading. When she's bored out of her mind, she sits on her bed.

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