Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meet Authoress Tamyara Brown continued...

No matter how many time Tamyara is hit with a problem, she takes it head on. She continues the fight no matter what. This is what makes her the woman that she is today. She put her trust in God and look what he is doing for her. She wants everybody to know that there is sunshine at the end of the storm.  She focuses on sharing her stories of love, life, the good and the bad, and giving everyone inspiration to move ahead full throttle and that your life will get better.

It takes Tamyara six to nine months for her to develop each character, setting, and then she outline the whole story. Even though she can write a book in thirty days, but then she will be adding gray hairs. As of right now, she's published with Pink Kiss Publishing, but she haven't published her work yet.

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