Monday, December 24, 2012

Meet Authoress Tamyara Brown

For a woman to go through with what she been through with her son, she still found strength in God and the will to move on for her children. Rare Diamond Publications let's extend a hand to Ms. Tamyara Brown who currently resides in Buffalo, NY. with her five children. She begin her writing when she was eleven years old and writing professionally in 2010. Tamyara is the author of Blue Treasure which is available in Paperback on

When she became angry, she picked up her journal and begin writing for therapy. Which helped her get through situations. Tamyara has written short stories in an anthology against domestic violence called Voice behind the tears. She also has her blog called TAMMYLUVSTOWRITE. She also does a blog for plus size women for erotica called Butterfly Chronicles.

Stay tuned for what's in Tamyara Brown's mind....

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