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As I sit here researching topics on domestic violence against men, I came across one that is very disturbing that is in Colorado. The article is called "You Can Sue But You Can't Win (If you are a man) by Charles E. Corry, PH.D. This article is very disturbing to say the least. In order for a man to get justice, he has to have a lot of money to do so.

I'm looking in the Colorado laws on Domestic Violence against men. According to Senator Barry Goldwater, "When a man takes a case to trial by a judge is simply a long slow way of him pleading guilty, but for reasons taken stated below, a man taking his to a jury isn't much successful either. (Goldwater, 2002)

When a man finally worked his way through all the false charges, probably a divorce, and he done cleared his name, but she has the house and lot of his money and the rest was given to lawyers. Now he wonders does he have any recourse under the law of Colorado? The answer is no. From a criminal standpoint, he cannot sue her or bring charges against her. Even though now they trying to remedy that. (Goldwater, 2002)

If the man decides to go through with suing her, he will be wasting his money to get results. It's a lengthy fight. But in the end it is worth it. After he go to the jury, he will be losing another $100,000. He can do a Spousal Tort Claims, but cannot be joined with the divorce action in Colorado. (Greenstein, 1996)

The Statue of Limitation is 2 years. Which means he has 2 years to bring action against her. We know women can be vindictive when they want a man to suffer. They can make up lies against men and pretty much get away with it because they know the courts will help them, because the courts is for the woman. This need to change because men need help too.

You'll be surprised what they consider abuse:

  1. Blaming all problems on you (but if she do it, it's okay)
  2. Following you (if she do it, it's okay)
  3. Embarrassing you or demeaned you (Put you down) (but if she do it, it's okay)
  4. Interrupted your eating or sleeping; eg. woke you up to have sex ( really?!)
The list above are considered domestic abuse or violence. So if a man wakes up and want to have sex with his wife it's abuse. But if she does it, it's okay, it's not abuse. What's wrong with this picture?

Before a man can file a lawsuit, he has to ask himself these questions:

  1. Have he ever killed any living thing? (including, insects, spiders, etc.)
If he served in the Military, on a police force or studied martial arts, by inference, you are a trained killer who is to be feared. What about women? They are told they are defending themselves. No they are trained killer as well. A man's profession will determine if he's an abuser or not. Which should not be the case.

The list goes on, but really got me is the last one, the question was does he cuss or yell when he's angry or injure himself? or if he yells or discipline his child? All of these are abuse. He's not suppose to discipline his child or if he hurt himself or express his feelings in an angry way, he is labeled an abuser, but yet, a woman can do it and get away with it.

We need to make women abide by these as well. They are not superior than men. We need to take a stand against injustice towards men in domestic violence relationship. To find more info on this go to:

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