Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting to know Ornitha Danielle!

Ornitha Danielle has appeared on magazines and talk shows. She was featured in "On The Rise" Magazine that's based out in Riverdale, GA. She's been a guest on The Tony~N~Kie Show on Blogtalkradio out of Richmond, VA. as well as the Reason 2K12 Talk Show twice that is based out of Detroit, MI. She also appeared in an Online Magazine called "Today's Leading Ladies. She was spotlighted for a poem that she has written "For That I Am Wonderfully Made" as well as Sistah's On Lit which is another internet radio show. She was featured in Allezom International Magazine that's based out in Orlando, FL and Sain-City Magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY and the local newspaper The Fayette Falcon in Sommerville, TN.
There is so much to this lady, what else can she do? Stayed tuned for the finale tomorrow.

If you haven't received your copy of her novel A Heart of Reign, please go to to download your copy! You will not regret it! Please leave review!

For more information on Ornitha Danielle please contact her
Publicist / Manager Traci Redmond at 901-569-6515 or her
email her at or

By: Ornitha Danielle
Ornitha Danielle invites you on a wild and fierce excursion of
lies, betrayal, deception, infidelity along with some misguided
trust, past and deep childhood hurt and broken relationships
all wrapped up in some very steamy volcanic explosions.
London Santiago is not your stereotypical woman; she comes
from a Christian family home with devoted parents of the faith.
She has the best of everything in her world, a great education,
money, all the finer things that her career has offered her, all
she needs now is to be happy in love and will basically do
almost anything to acquire it.
While in college she landed an internship at Golden Money
Entertainment one of the largest Entertainment companies in
New York City, New York. She was offered the job of
Executive Director of Marketing & Promotions straight out of
Now with her killer looks, dynamite body and brains to boot;
she quickly catches the attention of Mr. Paul Winters the
owner of the company. The not so Eligible Bachelor. When the
Mrs., finds out about it, only one can imagine what will happen
next, but she is adamant on bringing this to a complete halt!
The Mrs., she too has a few things that must remain hidden
and secure under lock and key!
Oh, what a tangled web they all weave, when each of them
conspire to deceive. What is done in the dark will eventually
come to the light. My, My, the wages of sin is Death!!


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