Sunday, January 13, 2013

Closing From the Mind of Magenta Black

Magenta is a mother grandmother, and a friend. She writes from her perspective on what's come to mind. She don't like drama and try to avoid it at all cost. She doesn't get stuck when writing, Her problem for her is she doesn't have enough time to write on all of her projects. So she takes a break and take a step back and regroup.

To get her juices flowing, her grandchildren asks her what she's working on now or she'll reread something that she has written or read an email or inbox about someone asking where is book 2 or what she is doing next.

Magenta doesn't know what God has planned for her, but she's planning to do an Expo for local authors. This takes a of planning. She's very excited about the planning stages. Her grandchildren will be a part of the Expo due to the fact that they released their first anthology.

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