Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the Mind of Felicia Bradshaw Continued!

So, what prompt Felicia to start writing professionally? Well to answer this question, it was a few of her old writing buddies who thought that it would be a great idea since she's been writing since she was 11 years old. So she went full force and never looked back! During her ventured, she was honored to meet Julia Press Simmons and  loved her great business mindset. Felicia decided to ask her to go 50/50 in revamping the magazine. So, in 2013, UG Magazine watch out for this dynamic duo! You will not be disappointed!

As she read True to the Game, The Coldest Winter Ever, all the way up to The Project Chick and all of Kwan's writings, she is actually capturing the struggle that has been in within the urban community through generations. She realized that not only has the struggle played a forever existing role in African American's lives, but has allowed us to create a world outside of rap music where we can tell our stories and experiences in black and white. We are shattering the myth that black folks don't read with each turn of a page. Stay tuned to see what's coming next? See you tomorrow!

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