Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From the Mind of Author Milton Kelly Continued...

Author Milton Kelly believes that in the industry, a lot has changed for Self publishing companies. In this change, he believes that self publishing companies are giving a lot of people the chance to become published Authors. They're helping everyone to achieve their dreams. With royalties, Amazon Kindle and Createspace gives higher royalties than traditional publishers does. With self publishing you have more and better control of your work.

For him to complete his first book, it took him longer to complete because he had to make sure the formatting was correct, he proofreading his work to make sure that his work had no mistakes. Normally, it would take 30 days to complete a book. But he wanted make sure he was giving out the best product ever without errors. He used Createspace to publish his work and it was then that learned how to use a place holder text.

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