Saturday, January 5, 2013

From the mind of Author Milton Kelly continued!

Milton Kelly's next project is on how to network. He's going to give a better insight on what networking really is because a lot of people doesn't know what networking really means. His next book is entitled Real Purpose of Networking. This will help others to learn what networking is really about.

He's a Christian who loves giving back to his community and giving support when he can. Believing that when giving support goes both ways not just one way.

If he gets stuck on writing, he'll take a break and get feedback from positive people. From that, he is truly blessed. Before he starts writing or to get the juices flowing, he always think positive thoughts and eliminating can't and impossible from his vocabulary and replaced them with I can and I am possible.

In the near future, he will be creating new opportunities for himself. Now he's doing things that he never had a chance to do or achieve. Now he's doing all and more for what he sat out to do. He is living his dream!

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