Sunday, February 10, 2013

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KF Johnson first published novel is called Behind Closed Doors. When she begin to write she was 12 years old. She doesn't have her own publishing company but she is a self-published author. For the upcoming authors she would like to tell you to get prepared to market yourself like never before and to be confident in your own work if you expect anyone else to be. Since this is her first book, she noticed that the publishing industry has changed from requiring a publishing company to take you under their wing in order to publish to being in the industry where you could publish yourself and still be successful. How long does it takes to complete a novel? Stay tuned to find out!

Book description Sometimes the people who seem to have and be everything that everyone else wants to be, are considerably different than what they represent behind closed doors. On the surface, siblings Brenda and Brian Andrews have the looks, money and confidence to make any prospective dating partner second guess their own worth. Unfortunately for them, and their chosen partners, the chaotic, manipulative & promiscuous lives they're truly leading makes them far from the fairy tale catches they'd like to believe they are. When their often abusive & alcoholic father dies under bizarre circumstances at their parent’s home, their mother's peculiar explanation and suspicious behavior lead them to suspect there's more to the story than what she's telling. After the doorway to dark family secrets is suddenly flung open at the funeral, many dust covered skeletons begin tumbling out. Soon the pedestals that Brenda and Brian once stood on begin crumbling beneath their feet, plunging them into a dangerous descent that they may never be able to come back from!

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