Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Domestic Violence against men is on the rise!

According to Marc E. Angelucci- when we ignore male victims of domestic violence, we also ignore their children, who continue to be damaged by witnessing the violence regardless of ow severe it is. We cannot break this intergenerational cycle by ignoring half of it. That's why a global coalition of experts has formed to support a research-based, inclusive approach, and their website has solid data showing women initiate the violence as often as men. ~National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center~

Men are more likely than women to be victims in Dating Violence.

The University of New Hampshire did a 32 nation study that showed female students  initiate partner violence as often as male students and controlling behavior exists equally in perpetrators of both sexes.

At the University of Florida, a recent study showed women are more likely than men to "Stalk, attack and abuse their partners according to Angela Gover, a UF Criminologists who led the research, say, "We're seeing women in relationships acting differently than we have in the past.

At the University of Washington, showed that women were nearly twice as likely as men to perpetrate domestic violence in the past year which included kicking, biting, or punching their partner threatening to hit or throw something at them and pushing grabbing or shoving their partners.

Some of their excuses for them for hitting their partners is this:

1. He wasn't listening to me
2. I wanted his attention
3. I want to control him.


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