Friday, February 8, 2013

From the mind of LaRedeaux's Mind Finale!

What keep LaRedeaux motivated when she writes is the love and life even though her work is pour fiction, they each have a what if twist to them. Her next projects that is coming up is her biggest project the Smiley Face Killers which is a Mystery Suspense. She has a number of shorts and flash fiction that she's also is working on as well.

She want her readers to know that she's an Author and a regular person. She's the next bestseller you want to read! Trust her.

When she's stuck on writing, she leaves it be and work on another project or read. When she's writing, she doesn't read the same genre but she still read. To keep her juices flowing, anything could peak her interest. It could be a sound, a smell or song. She watches the ideas play out in her head, take notes and then begin the writing process.

In the near future, she will be the next NY Times Bestsellers list. She has big dreams, but in short term, QMB Dirty Deeds Philadelphia tour is next. Her second novel release and new short stories under Midnight Publications are coming up next.

If you haven't purchase anyone of her titles, please do so by going to and getting yours! If you have please leave a review! Thank you for your support!

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